“My name was Blake Hunter.  The last in a long line of monster-stoppers, I got screwed and was born into a world with no monsters to stop.  I was the unhappiest guy in utopia, and would’ve given anything for some action.

Then the world broke wide open, and gave me what I wished for. But I wished too hard, and before I could become the man I was meant to be, I got dead… I got dead real bad.

Now I’m back, trapped in a mishmash of terror that’s meaner than hell and twice as scary.  My mission: save the planet from an enemy that frightens even me.

Earth could use a hero.  They’re getting something else.  Call me Monster Plus.”

Story by Chad Bowers

( also the writer of Awesome Hospital & The Hard Ones )

Twitter: chadbowers

Art by JoJo Seames

( also the writer/artist of The Makeshift Man & Dis: Life is Hell )

Home: www.DeadSquirrelComics.com

deviantART: radical-jojo

Twitter: jojoseames

Tumblr: radicaljojo

Letters by Josh Krach

( also the writer/letterer of Troop Infinity, and letterer of Awesome Hospital & Dracula the Unconquered )

Twitter: jdkrach