Big appreciations to my pal Krystal, the monster truck enthusiast, for helping me out with what one ‘a the darned things look like.  And, of course, to Chad for giving me such a beautifully-choreographed gonzo action scene to illustrate. :D


JoJo and I haven’t actually met in person, but when we do, I won’t be shocked to see her drive up in a day-glo ’75 Chevrolet van with 8′ tires.

And while Mona’s earning her keep up top, we’d like to take a second to turn your attention towards another matter altogether.

I imagine you’re all fully aware of what’s happening in Japan right now. And just like we did yesterday over at Awesome Hospital, we’d like to direct those who’re interested in helping to the following disaster relief organizations:

Red Cross

Doctors Without Borders


It’s difficult for most of us to even imagine the kind of danger and loss the people in Japan are experiencing right now.  But the good news is, each of us can help in some small way by donating and supporting the good works done by groups like these.