Whoa!  Is this really page 20?  Have we actually been going for 20 consecutive weeks now, nonstop? Double WHOA!

And with today’s strip, we’ve got the return of everyone’s favorite assistants, Mona and Kid Dracula, who haven’t been around since way back in December.  As you can see, not a lot’s changed with these two, but that doesn’t mean things won’t in the near future *foreboding thunder sound*.

Also, right now I’m working my way through The Horror, The Horror by Jim Trombetta.  Not only is it a beautifully designed book, but it collects some of the most gruesomely innovative horror and war comics of the 50s and 60s.  No joke, a couple of these kept me up at night, and I’m a big boy, folks… not someone that’s easily frightened.  But if you’re a fan of EC, Warren, or just pre-code comics in general, this one’s highly recommended.