Another stellar page.  There might have been some imaginary fist-bumping going on when I saw the expression on Monster Plus in panel 3, I’m not gonna lie.  That’s such a perfect Chuck Jones face.

One day, I really hope we get around to doing something with those things mentioned in panel 1 — History Houses, the Blood Drive-out, the Science Exiles – but who knows.  I promise they’re not just throw away lines, and really, you’ve already caught a glimpse at a History House in Monster Plus’s own home, the Archive of Horror.  We’ll get around to giving you the grand tour of that creepy old place somewhere down the road.  And the Blood Drive-out, well… it might not actually be done, so you’ll just have to wait and see with that one.

If you read that interview I did last week, you know that I rambled on for days about all the webcomics I currently follow.  I singled out American Barbarian by Tom Scioli as being my current favorite, and HERE’S WHY.  I can’t recommend this comic enough — I absolutely love this thing.  And having been a fan of Scioli for a while, I’m super jazzed to see him doing stuff on his own again.  Not that I don’t love what he and Joe Casey do on Godland, but I discovered Scioli’s 8 Opus stuff (the whole saga’s available to read on his site) years ago, and as a solo act, he was a big inspiration to me.  And by inspiration, I mean he was doing what I wanted to do so much better than I ever would, I quit drawing and started to focus on my writing.  So thanks, Tom Scioli… thanks for being such an awesome talent and for setting the bar so high that it totally squashed my hopes of ever being an artist.  Trust me, though, it was for the best.  No, really, I was terrible.

Also, JoJo and I both have Tumblr-things now.

Here’s mine.

And here’s her’s. Right now, JoJo’s doing The Great V’Day Sketch Catch Extravaganzapalooza 2011, so if you want something cool from Planet JoJo, let her know what you’re thinkin’ about before February 5th.

And finally, our question of the week!

What’s the latest you’ve ever been for anything?