What can I say about today’s page that’s not already right there in front of us?  Seriously, all I did was write a silly little script, and then the impossibly talented JoJo Seames turns around and delivers this!

TA-DA!  Comics, you guys.


It took a while to decide how to draw this flashback-filmstrip scene. I was sure that it had to be stylized away from the usual look, because there’s no way that these events could actually be -photographed-, and I didn’t wanna give that impression. But I had so many options for how to go about it. I thought of an old-timey ball-and-rubber-hose cartoon look, or an extra-dramatic black-and-white Expressionist treatment, or the look of 18th-century etchings…Decisions, decisions! I finally concluded that emulating an Art Deco poster style would be best, since it would be definitely distinct from our main art, but would still feel kinda connected to the main story, since the sharp shapes would be not unlike the Modernist-ish way that I color our usual pages.

I’ve never tried to do Art Deco-like art before, so it was a big experiment. It was also a challenge in the sense that I almost never do art that’s entirely digital; I was outside my usual comfort zone since it was necessary that I work without ink outlines. I think that it was a really happy success, though, and I feel that I leveled up with this page! :D