Dracula is totally monster food.  Great source of iron.


So the star of this thing finally decides to show up, and it only took five pages.  That’s what we in the business call a slow build, folks. 

But Monster Plus stepping out isn’t the only big debut this week.  With this very installment, JoJo and I welcome aboard letterer extraordinaire, Josh Krach.  

Awesome Hospital readers know Josh as the guy that makes (according to some) an unreadable comic TOTALLY readable.  He’s a talented fella, this one, and we’re stoked to have him.  And don’t just take my word for it — check out his tumblr at  twobitjusticeleague.tumblr.com and follow him on twitter @jdkrach.

And since our comments section is the closest thing we have to an old school letters page, I want to start using it like an old school letters page.  So starting this week, I’m going to suggest a topic and I want you guys to run with it.  Sound like fun?  Good, because here we go: 

Who’s your favorite on-screen Dracula?

There, we’ll start with an easy one.

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