The pacing on these last two pages has changed a few times, so I’m reading this page for the first time along with the rest of you! This is a special bond we now share.

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Like JoJo said, we’ve started a Monster Plus page on Facebook.  So head over there and check out the fan art section for an eyeful of awesome.  And if you’re the kind of ghoul who likes contributing to things like that, send me something at  

My other webcomic (co-written with former child star, Christopher J. Sims), Awesome Hospital is already two pages into Awesome Hospital Nights: The Corpse Rode Switch.  It’s a murder mystery starring (Detective) Doctor Bulldog On A Skateboard, with Sheli Hay handling art chores.  It’s the best crime-solving bulldog on a skateboard comic out this week.  Guaranteed.

And if you don’t know already, our very own JoJo Seames does a couple of other comics called The Makeshift Man and DIS.  Both are hella good, and will change your life for the better, so go read ‘em now!