Merry Christmas, boys and ghouls!  And do we have a special gift for you! Among our faithful, frightening friends and readers are San Diego-based punk band Culdesac, and they’ve written a song about our comic, for all to share! Pop on over to their Bandcamp page to download the single “Scrimm Sala Bimm” in whatever file format suits you best! And keep an eye on their page in the next few months for more exciting-type music.


(Psst! Leave them a comment here to tell them how rad the song is. Isn’t it rad? It’s so rad.)

Bonus! You can download this-here art for Christmas crafts! Print off this picture of Monster Plus and combine it with stuff that’s lying around your house or spaceship to make an ornament for your tree! (Your Christmas tree needs a mashup-monster from the future, right?) You could…

  • glue it to cardboard and hang it on a ribbon
  • cut it to the shape of a cookie-cutter and then paste it inside like a frame
  • place it in a small picture frame or embroidery hoop
  • paste it to a metal can lid (the sharp edges make it double as a festive throwing-star)
  • combine it with bits of leftover wrapping paper, newspaper, or the electric bill
  • pretty much anything having to do with glitter

Be creative! (Or, I guess, you could just print the picture off and hang it in your locker to show the other kids what fine taste in webcomics you possess. That’s good, too!)

Or for other Christmassy-crafty fun, you can download the lineart as a fun coloring page! Fun! Christmas! Merry!

Ho ho ho!