Boy, things sure are looking bad for Merl, arent’ they?

And just real quick — but how incredible are JoJo and Josh on this story?

We gave props to talented colorist Ryan Culver on Monday.  But having Ryan help out means that JoJo gets to really throwdown on the pencils with Dark Times, and I really think she’s done some of her tightest drawing to date with this story.  Almost a year in working with her, and I’m still stunned at how much of an incredible drafts(wo)man she is.

And Krach as a letterer?  I get so many chuckles out of all the add-ons he brings to this project.  Seriously, all your favorite lettering bits in Monster Plus?  It’s all him.  I give the man no direction, and he just goes for it.  Dude’s a master in the making, folks, and you should keep an eye on the fella.

And speaking of Mr. Krach, the dude’s going to be at HEREOCSON too, and I’m super jazzed to meet him face to face!  This is the first time EVER that the entire Awesome Hospital team will have been in the same place, and it should make for a most excellent weekend. And while I don’t think Josh has a table to plug (he and artist Sheli Hay will both be walking the floor promo-ing their own webcomic Troop Infinity!), I’m sure if you hang around the Action Age table long enough, you’ll be able to snag the man’s signature.

And now that you’re asking “where you can I find you guys on the convention floor?”…

The Heroescon site says we’ll be at table SP-28.  But there have been a few changes, and in reality, you’ll find the Action Age in the 600 block at table 626.

If you’re confused, well join the club.  But don’t be too concerned.  I can pretty much guarantee we’ll be loud enough for you to find. But here’s a map of where we’ll be just in case.