Dark Times continues, as Mark Dark reveals his somewhat questionable plan to Professor Merl. Wait, Merl knows his big secret now!  That can’t be good!

As mentioned yesterday, Heroescon is this coming weekend, and I’m pleased to announce  that the Action Age will be guests on the Group Effort in Webcomics panel happening Sunday, June 5th at 11:30PM in Room 206!

Chris, Mathew Digges, and I (Chad Bowers) — AKA “Team Awesome Hospital” — will be on hand to crack wise and maybe answer a question or two.  But we won’t be alone!  The panel also includes our friends Curt Franklin and Chris Haley from Let’s Be Friends Again, and Kevin Church of Agreeable Comics with Benjamin Birdie from The Rack and TJ Kirsch of She Died in Terrebone.

Comic News Insider’s Jimmy Aquino will be handling hosting, and considering everyone involved, it should be one bangin’ time.

And be sure and come back tomorrow for page three of DARK TIMES!