Welcome, Action Agents, to the first page of our week-long Monster Plus spectacular, Dark Times!  As you may have noticed, JoJo, Josh, and myself have added colorist Ryan Culver to the team for this five page fear-fest, and the man’s brought his “A” game, and then some.

Dark Times serves as sort of an (re)introduction to Planet President Mark Dark, and his super-computer cohort, D.E.V.i.L. (Data Encrypted Viral Intelligence Link).  Keep your eyes on these two, Actioneers, because not only will they be causing trouble this week, but they’re going to wreak havoc — BIG EVIL HAVOC — on our boy Monster Plus in the not to distant future.

Also, this is a big week for us here at Action Age central, as it’s the lead- up to the greatest comic convention in these here United States, HEROESCON in Charlotte, NC!  We’ll be making some big announcements all this week — some here, and some over at Awesome Hospital — but today, we think it’s enough just to let you know the Action Age will be there in full force, and Charlotte will never. Be. The. SAME!


First, a big, BIG round of applause to our special guest colorist for this chapterette, Mr. Ryan Culver! I think it’s really fun getting this opportunity to see this world in a different style for a few pages. Ryan made a lot of choices that really surprised me, and I think the entire thing just turned out looking and feeling so gorgeous.

I think Mark Dark might be my favorite character in our production so far. And not just because I had, like, carte-blanche in designing him, visually. You can see for yourself what an amazingly awful personality he has. Gee whillikers, but he’s an absolute riot.

That painting hanging on Dark’s wall is Jacques-Louis David’s Oath of the Horatii. Obviously, it IS the original.  I’ve tried to draw it to scale.


BONUS:  JoJo’s concept art for Mark Dark!