I’m really pleased that this ghost effect turned out just the way I’d wanted it. Like, er, pretty much all the special effects and styling in this comic, I just made it up on the fly. So I’m very happy here.


Attention Action Agents!  Chris Sims and I will be in Athens, GA this Saturday for Fluke 2011. It’s being held at the famous 40 Watt Club this year, which is their biggest venue yet.  Still, tables at Fluke are always first come, first serve, so we may be seated and then again, we may not.  Either  way, we’ll be pretty easy to spot: Chris’ll be the one doing Big Barda cosplay and I’ll be on the flaming stilts.  You can’t miss us!

Admission’s only two bucks ($2!) at the door, so why’re you not in line already?