How much do I NOT need to spend time telling you how awesome today’s page is?  All you have to do is look at it, and you can see for yourself.  JoJo wrecked this one.  Tore it up.

And let’s not forget letterer extraordinaire, Joshua J. Krachingston IV (his real name…honest).  And guys, Josh is SO great that he, along with Friend of the Action Age, Sheli Hay, have started a brand new webcomic called Troop Infinity, which you should read every Wednesday because that’s when they put out a new one!  [EDITED 04/05]

Also, in case you haven’t heard (and of course you have), Awesome Hospital co-writer Chris Sims and a small army of other fine writers collectively known as the Bureau Chiefs have a new book out today. Write More Good is available on Amazon right now and in finer bookstores everywhere.