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“Vampire Planet”, page 3! And of special concern today to all we citizens of the internet: the SOPA and PIPA acts. If you somehow haven’t already done so, go right here to learn what the fuss is all about, and (Americans) contact your representative to let them know that this can’t be allowed to happen, [...]]>
Vampire Planet, Pages 1 & 2 Vampire Planet, Pages 1 & 2

All right, we are back, folks! Way, way back…to groovy 1972! Well, maybe not so groovy, with the ravages of the Monster War n’ all… Now that we’ve kicked off a new chapter, it’s a great time for you to introduce a friend to our saga of horror. “Hey, friend,” you will say, “I’m going [...]]>
Reader Mailbag Q&A! Reader Mailbag Q&A!

Happy New Year! Happy New Year!

Happy 2012, ladies and gents and otherwise! (Hope you had an easier time renting a tux than Plus. You wouldn’t believe how hard it is to find one in his size.) – CB, JS, JK]>
A Christmas Gift! A Christmas Gift!

Merry Christmas, boys and ghouls!  And do we have a special gift for you! Among our faithful, frightening friends and readers are San Diego-based punk band Culdesac, and they’ve written a song about our comic, for all to share! Pop on over to their Bandcamp page to download the single “Scrimm Sala Bimm” in whatever [...]]>
‘Twas the Night Before Christmas… ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas…

Hey, you little monsters, don’t forget to leave a plate of cookies out for Santa Claus tonight! And check back here bright and early on Christmas morning to unwrap a very special gift from us! – J.S.]>
Mona and Kid Dracula by Danielle Payne Mona and Kid Dracula by Danielle Payne

This adorable piece of holiday wonder comes to us from none other than Danielle Payne. Thanks, Danielle! Check out Danielle’s blog and see what she’s getting up to on her Facebook page! And watch this space, as we’ve got a MAJOR HOLIDAY GIFT coming your way very, very soon!]>
Block Party 2666, Pages 22-23 Block Party 2666, Pages 22-23

And so our second story comes to its thunderous conclusion! And it’s only gonna get wilder from here now that muthaluvin’ DRACULA is involved! In space!! And meanwhile the kids head to Washington to uncover important otherworldly secrets! Old questions will be answered! New answers will be questioned! Prepare yourselves for the horrifying thought of [...]]>
Block Party 2666, Page 21 Block Party 2666, Page 21

Hey, in case you missed it, Josh and I stopped by War Rocket Ajax this week and shared our thoughts on all things comics for the month of November.  I just a little less than an hour, we manage to cover everything from free market economics to Wild Dog’s costume, so give it a listen — [...]]>
Block Party 2666, Page 20 Block Party 2666, Page 20