Happy Halloween, Action Agents, and welcome to Monster Plus Comic [dot] com.

If you don’t already know, Monster Plus is the story of a Frankenstein monster that’s also a werewolf, a vampire, a zombie, and a mummy that’s possessed by the ghost of a witch 700 years in the future so he can stop the Devil from scaring mankind to death.

This is kind of a relaunch of Monster Plus.  The first outing can be found here, and I’m really proud of what me and Misters Kroll and Kjelstrup accomplished — especially the villain – but this new iteration is going to be a little different and oh so awesome, you guys.  JoJo and I are turning this thing up to 666° and making the kind of sci-fi monster comic Jack Kirby would be proud of.  Seriously, if “the Moon is a zombie concentration camp” isn’t balls out enough to convince you, what the hell’re you reading and why haven’t you sent me a link!?!

Thanks for showing up, and we’ll see you next Wednesday!


Welcome, welcome, dear children of the Night! Welcome to the Moon! Welcome to our story…We realize that some parts might be a little frightening, so don’t hesitate to bring a friend along for the ride. Mueh heh heh heh hee!